Roland Jupiter 6 Analog Synthesizer

Roland Jupiter 6 Analog Synthesizer

Roland Jupiter 6 analog synthesizer. This particular example, serial number 353931, is in excellent 100% all original condition and includes the original power cable. This amazing synth was recently completely serviced and is currently studio/stage ready.

The Jupiter 6, conforming with others in the Jupiter series, is unlike any other synth. This nique sound is due in part to classic Roland analog technology in it’s filters, modulation capabilities, and 12 analog oscillators at 2 per voice. Although it seems the JP-6 is just a scaled down version of the Jupiter 8, the Jupiter 6 features some major improvements including better tuning stability and the implementation of MIDI (The second synth to ever offer MIDI, the Prophet 600 being the first by a few weeks). The Jupiter 6 features 12 analog oscillators (2 per voice), and is bitimbral, allowing its keyboard to be split into two sounds, one with 4 voices, and one with the remaining 2 voices. “Whole Mode” is also available, dedicating all 6 voices to a single sound across the entire keyboard.

Unlike the Juno’s, of which the Jupiter 6 shares some features, the JP-6 is equipped with two excellent, independent ADSR envelopes. Other performance features that round out the Jupiter is an excellent arpeggiator that is capable of up, down, and up and down patterns selectable by up to a four octave range. Surprisingly enough, the JP-6 is not a complicated synth to own or operate. Everything seems intuitive and purposeful, which is the the hallmark of thoughtful synthesizer design. The Jupiter 6 has very warm, slightly thin, but aggressive sounds. As a lead synth, the JP-6 has an incredible palette that synth players will find easy to play and manipulate the sounds simultaneously in many different ways. This may be the most underrated synth as it can cut through a mix of any instruments with ease. It can also do its share of bizarre, frequency modulated beeping sounds as well.

While this synth is in excellent condition and still retains ALL of the knobs, slider tips and button caps, 2 screws were removed from the aluminum side panel. Otherwise the synth is in very excellent condition

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