Realistic Concertmate MG-1 by Moog

Realistic Concertmate MG-1 by Moog

Realistic Concertmate MG-1. This particular example, serial number 19321, is in very excellent cosmetic condition. The MG-1 was built by Moog for Realistic (Radio Shack), and was designed specifically for the home market.

The Realistic MG-1 is more or less a Moog Rogue with Radio Shack stamped on it. Featuring a genuine 24dB/oct Moog filter, monophonic and polyphonic capabilities, and 2-VCO’s which are referred to as ‘Tone Generators’. The MG-1 can produce Sawtooth, Square, and Random waveforms and the oscillators are detunable and syncable. An ASR (Attack, Sustain, Release) envelope called ‘Contour’ can be applied to both the amp and the filter. The LFO section features Triangle or Square waveforms as well. Also featured is a simple Ring-Mod effect called ‘Bell Tone’.

Unique to the MG-1 is a slider in the Mixer section of the keyboard which controls the volume of a simple 10-voice polyphonic organ sound making the MG-1 slightly more versatile than the Rogue. Also featured on the MG-1 is a pair of RCA inputs and outputs, which allows users to mix in other sources into the final output of the live synthesized sounds.

This particular example is in very excellent cosmetic condition and perfect working condition.

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