Category: Kay Electric Guitars

 1953 Kay 161 Thin Twin

1953 Kay 161 “Thin Twin” electric guitar. This particular example is in very excellent condition and features a blonde curly maple top and back with dark mahogany sides. Also referred to as the “Jimmy Reed” guitar, the Kay 161 was one of the longest produced guitars by Kay Musical Instrument Company.

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 1959 Kay Barney Kessel Artist 6701(B)

Vintage 1959 Kay Barney Kessel Aritst 6701(B) hollowbody electric guitar. This particular example, serial number 1121 (on the headstock plate) with an “L9374″ and “2425″ stamped designation visible through the treble f-hole, is in extremely excellent 100% original condition with the original Lifton case.

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