Chamberlin M-1

Chamberlin M-1

Chamberlin M-1 keyboard. This particular example, serial number 86103, is in very nice all original condition. It works great and sounds amazing, and features a set of original tapes. The Chamberlin is the, better and more advanced, predecessor to the Mellotron which has better sounding recorded samples resulting in a better, more dynamic, instrument. Due to the original premium purchase price, the Chamberlin was produced in very limited quantities (around 150-200), and they have since become one of the rarest and most expensive vintage keyboards.

This particular one was owned by a Disney composer and was outfitted with 2 sets of original tapes. One set was a small collection of sound effects… , and the other set was used for scoring cartoons. It was last serviced about 1 year ago, and is in excellent functional condition

The set currently installed features:

1. Strings (3 Violins)
2. Cello
3. Bass Clarinet
4. Oboe
5. Trumpet
6. Flute
7. French Horn
8. Alto Sax

While it worked perfectly when tested immediately prior to listing this auction, the lowest note (G) has a tendency to me temperamental. Otherwise, all switches, knobs, keys, dials function perfectly.

Please inspect the photos for an accurate representation of cosmetic condition.

Price: Sold