C. Knutsen Hawaiian Harp Guitar

C. Knutsen Hawaiian Harp Guitar

Incredibly rare C. Knutsen Hawaiian harp “convertible” guitar. This example, with no visible serial number, features: an “Upper Treble Point” body style, and adjustable neck mounted by brackets, and the “New Family” label. With less than 100 Knutsen Hawaiian guitars thought to exist, finding one in original and intact condition might be next to impossible. Most likely made while Knutsen was in Los Angeles, CA, there are approximately 21 documented “Hawaiian Convertible Point” (HCP) examples, and this would be number 22 on that list. Enthusiasts of Weissenborn, Dyer, Larson, and, of course, Knutsen instruments, will appreciate this unique Hawaiian harp guitar.

Considering this guitar is approximately 100 years old, it is in remarkably intact un-restored original condition. The guitar still retains all of the original hardware, including: all tuning machines, all bridge saddles, nuts, neck brackets, and screws. All inlays are intact, and all rope binding is excellent structural condition. The first 12 frets are metal, while those from 13-22 are inlayed into the mahogany fingerboard.

The guitar is missing 4 of 16 original bridge pins, otherwise, the guitar is completely 100% original.

As is the case with most every Knutsen guitar, the back/sides/neck display typical drying cracks. While the spruce top does not exhibit cracks or bellying, and is structurally perfect, the koa wood back and sides have cracks which follow the grain pattern. None of the cracks have been repaired or addressed, and appear to be easily fixed and restored.

This guitar was acquired from the nephew of the original owner. Although the original owner was a local professional musician, the nephew claimed that since he was a Clarinetist, the instrument was rarely used. It also explains why the guitar is in such great condition.

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