1980s Tannoy SRM-10B

1980s Tannoy SRM-10B

Matching set of vintage 1980s Tannoy SRM-10B professional studio monitors. These particular examples, serial numbers 845148 and 845152, are in very good cosmetic condition and include an era-appropriate vintage Anvil road case. Just as famous as Yamaha NS-10Ms, this legendary series of speakers has become synonymous with great reference monitoring, mastering and playback.

-(2) 10″ Dual Concentric Loudspeakers
-Veneered American walnut casing
-Maximum output SPL at 109dB
-Impedance at 8 ohms
-Frequency response at 55Hz – 20kHz
-Treble Energy and roll-off functions
-Dimensions 20″ x 13″ x 10″ The SRM-10B

Monitors are constructed of high-density particle board, lined with acoustic foam to absorb reflections and eliminate standing waves. Low frequency loading of each loudspeaker is provided by a carefully designed ducted port system, which reduces distortion and extends bass response.

The drive units in these speakers are 10″ Dual Concentric Loudspeakers, hence the model designation SRM 10B. A horn-loaded compression driver handling the high frequencies is mounted within a direct radiator bass unit on the same frame. Both the efficient design and compact frame make these a must for all types of studios.

As stated before the speakers include a non-original Anvil road case. The original foam grills are not included. Both speakers have been thoroughly tested, and the original cones are in excellent functional condition with no speaker fatigue or voicecoil distortion.

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