1974 Gibson Les Paul Signature Bass

1974 Gibson Les Paul Signature Bass

1974 Gibson Les Paul Signature Bass hollow body electric bass guitar. This particular example, serial number 114586, is in nice 100% all original vintage condition. With a production total of approximately 600, these amazing basses are becoming quite rare.

Made famous by the great Jack Casady, this iconic example features the famous; “goldtop” gold finish, a plastic embossed humbucking pickup cover, trapezoid inlays, double bound hollowbody construction, (2) output jacks, and a long 34.5″ scale length. This bass is in very nice all original condition with no originality issues whatsoever. The bass plays nicely and sounds fantastic. All of the original parts are intact, uncracked, and function perfectly. The goldtop finish has aged quite attractively. While there is minimal evidence of finger wear above the pickup and below the bridge, the finish is generally very nice. The walnut back and sides are also in very nice condition with very minimal superficial belt buckle wear on the back which does not go through the finish. The walnut finish on the back of the neck is also very excellent with no evidence of playing wear through the finish. Since the bass has mostly ben played with flatwound strings, there is minimal fret wear evident on the first fret only.

Interestingly enough, some vintage Gibson guitars feature a “2″ stamped in the back of the headstock, which is an indication of the instrument being considered a second. While it is sometimes difficult to tell why exactly the instrument was considered flawed, this example features a rather cool, albeit unusual, extra strip of gold finish which surrounds the bottom of the neck where it would normally be walnut. The bass weighs a light 8 lbs 8 oz.

The bass has not been broken, repaired, cracked, or modified, and remains 100% intact. Although the neck joint is solid and untouched, it appears that it might have shifted slightly, exposing a small gap under the fingerboard. While the neck is unbelievably perfectly straight, the neck angle should be enhanced for the best action.

The bass comes with an original hard case in good vintage condition with vintage Rock stickers and a replaced handle.

The serial number suggests production between a vague range of 1970-1975, but the vast majority were produced during 1974.

The Gibson Les Paul bass is a bass guitar first manufactured by Gibson in 1969, just after the relaunch of the Les Paul guitar in 1968. Several different versions were produced between 1969-1972, and eventually the Les Paul Signature hollowbody bass was offered in 1973.

Aside from being a beautiful looking instrument this bass sounds amazing. Featuring a maple thin line body construction, and a laminated mahogany neck with a rosewood fingerboard and deluxe inlays. The tone is very rich as you would expect from a hollow body, but is unique from other hollow bodies in that it is constructed without a large solid block through the middle, resulting in a more resonant top.

The Les Paul Signature Bass pickup features the low impedance circuitry, especially designed for recording in the studio, and sometimes goes under the name of the Les Paul Recording bass. The Les Paul low impedance bass pickup delivers a crisp full bodied bass with every subtle overtone. And the three position tone switch lets you tune in a tailor made sound for any amplifier setting.

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