1974 Fender Music Master Bass Amp

1974 Fender Music Master Bass Amp

100% original 1974 Fender Music Master Bass amplifier. The Music Master Bass amp was introduced in 1970 as a 12 watt bass practice amp, but has since become many guitarists’ best kept secret. This particular example, serial number A08543, is in very nice cosmetic condition. The amp works perfectly and is probably one of the best-sounding silverface amps around.

The Music Master Bass Amp, like most Fender bass amps, is much better suited for guitar than bass. This earlier version features: a 12AX7 preamp tube and (2) 6AQ5 power tubes, as opposed to later varieties with a pair of 6V6 power tubes. The extremely simple circuit through a single 12″ CTS speaker produces a straight-forward fantastic tone rich with natural full-range overdrive. More balanced than a Champ, this is one of the best amps for the money. Period. For instantly enjoyable rock/blues tone, this is one of the best amps available for any price.

Serial Number: A08543
Transformer Codes: -606-4-44, -606431, -606330
Speaker Date Code: 1377436

The speaker is the original Fender Special Design 12″ speaker by CTS. There are no repairs on the speaker and it sound great at all volumes without experiencing speaker fatigue.

This particular example is in excellent condition with the biggest cosmetic issue being some very light, hard to see paint splatter. It is in perfect working condition.

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