1971 Marshall 4 x 12 1982/B Cabinet

1971 Marshall 4 x 12 1982/B Cabinet

Vintage 100% ORIGINAL 1971 Marshall 4 x 12″ 1982/B electric guitar/bass straight speaker cabinet in WHITE. This particular example, serial number 40024, is in very good, all original, cosmetic condition, and is absolutely incredible looking in the original white levant tolex. Original custom color Marshall amps and cabs are much rarer than ordinary black ones, and straight cabinets in colors are the most rare, so take advantage of this offer, and add this amazing piece of Marshall history to your collection!

The original 1982 Speaker Cabinet, introduced in 1967, was a heavier duty version of the 4 x 12 Model 1960. By 1970, the ‘B’ version had been released and up-rated to 120 watts. This particular straight cab features: White Levant tolex, Grey basketweave grill, (4) 12″ Celestion G12H30 speakers.

This example comes with original 4 x 12″ Celestion G12H30 (T 1281) speakers all manufactured in April of 1971 (DD20, DD20, DD21, DD29). These are pre-Rola speakers as can be seen by the early code designation on the cone (102 014) and the black tabs where the speaker terminals are mounted, as Rola uses grey tabs. Originally, this cabinet would have been purchased with a matching angled cabinet and Marshall 100 watt head, but would also be a great match for any Marshall amplifier.

Please reference the included photos for condition. As can clearly be seen, the grillecloth displays humidity stains, the bottom has a large piece ripped from it and there are the typical snags on the exterior.

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