1970 Ovation Eclipse 1235-5

1970 Ovation Eclipse 1235-5

1970 Ovation Eclipse 1235-5 semi-hollowbody electric guitar. This particular instrument, serial number H480, is a very excellent 1st year example in very nice original condition. The Ovation Eclipse was definitely Ovation’s best attempt at a serious and competitive semi-hollow guitar, but was only produced in very limited numbers during a 3 year production run. This guitar plays and sounds surprisingly great, and well, it looks absolutely incredible.

Since only several hundred were produced in the early-70s, not much data has been collected. What is known is that this guitar features;

-original Lyrachord material finish (top, back, sides, pickgurd: similar to that found on the back of all Ovation acoustics!)
-original Hofner-made Type 513 guitar pickups (only on 1st year models)
-original double-line Kluson Deluxe tuning machines.
-Ebony fingerboard
-original witch hat style knobs
-chrome trapeze tailpiece
-chrome compensated bridge

Similar in design to the Ovation Tornado, the Ovation Eclipse is essentially an interpretation, both in construction and electronic configuration, of the classic Gibson ES-335. The guitar is much lighter than an ES-335 and weighs 6 lbs. 14 oz.

The entirely black appointments makes the guitar eerily modern, and seemingly stealth. Hence the appropriate model name, “Eclipse.”

This guitar is setup to perfection. It plays like butter: the neck is straight, the action is low, the slim taper profile of the neck feels like it was custom-tailored for ease and enjoyment. The pickups sound really great, and are significantly better than the later offset pickups without the notched bar magnet.

The original logo has faded away, as there is no evidence of the logo having been forcefully removed. Additionally, the 3-way switch is rather stubborn, and doesn’t always stick in the bass position. This can most likely be resolved with a simple service, but I just haven’t found the energy to look into it. The guitar does not have a case (the original being a rather low quality soft shell case) and the original bridge cover is missing.

This is truly a very nice example, and will definitely be an inspiring guitar to own and play.

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