1966 Fender Bassman

1966 Fender Bassman

Vintage 100% all original 1966 Fender Bassman -Amp AA165 guitar amplifier head and matching 2×12″ speaker cabinet. This particular example, serial number A22779, is in very fine/excellent cosmetic condition and would be considered near mint by most. This original matching set is in very well-preserved condition and includes the original Victoria protective head cover, the original owner’s manual and the original schematic sheet. It is also important to note that this amp is entirely 100% original, down to every single last capacitor, tube and screw: not one single component has been replaced or changed.

Serial Number: A22779 (Head) & M36965 (Cabinet)
Transformer Codes: 8316605, 606610, -606-6-09
Speaker Codes: 220610, 220611 (Jensen)
Tube Chart Date Stamp: PF (June 1966)

This Fender Bassman amp utilizes: (2) 6L6, (1) 12AT7, and (3) 7025 original tubes through 2 x 12″ original Jensen Special Design C12NA speakers.

Cosmetically, this amp is in very excellent condition and is quite impressive. The black vinyl tolex is clean and void of usual scuffs, dents, tears and discoloration. In fact, there are only several typical cosmetic defects at all, including; one smudge, a very small scuff and the almost invisible dings. With that being said, it’s difficult to find anything wrong with the condition of the tolex! The silver grill cloth on both the head and cabinet is in pristine structural shape, and has slightly, yet evenly, faded to a more attractive earth-tone tan color with silver highlights. Although not quite distressed or reliced in any sense, the amp gives off a very understated vintage vibe and appearance, and is really quite cool looking, even more so than your typical black face piggyback amp. All of the hardware is pristine including the original metal tilt-back legs.

This amp was thoroughly tested and it works perfectly and sounds incredible. This Bassman is loud, efficient and pleasant. It performs well at both low and high volumes, and has a particular high-end sweetness other piggybacks lack. Great sounding with most guitars, it is a really amazing amp for the money.

Do not be fooled by other poorly serviced examples with changed parts in poor condition. When it comes to vintage amps, you certainly get what you pay for. This is the nicest one around, and will perfectly complement your mid-60′s Fender bass or guitar.

Price: Sold