1964 Gibson SG Junior

1964 Gibson SG Junior

1964 Gibson SG Junior solid body electric guitar. This particular example, serial number 180475, is in very good vintage (mostly) original condition. This amazing player’s example sounds incredible, and features one of the best necks imaginable. This crack-free, break-free, repair-free guitar represents one of the best possible deals, so take advantage of this offer.

This 1964 Gibson SG Junior Features: the original cherry finish, 1 piece mahogany neck, the original single dog ear P-90 pickup, original potentiometers, the original stop tailpiece, (2) original chrome-insert Top Hat knobs, the original double-line Kluson Deluxe tuning machines, a reproduction b/w/b pickguard and a non-original late ’60s era case.

The original cherry finish is in nice condition showing some expected signs of wear and usual fading. including some visible belt buckle wear on the back as well as typical dings around the body and neck. The non-original jumbo frets display almost no fret wear and zero oxidation. The large-profile neck is straight and plays exceptionally well. All of the hardware is in very nice condition and does not exhibit any oxidation. The guitar weighs a mere 5 lbs 14 oz.

At some point, the original tuners were removed and put into the case to make room for non-original Schaller machines. This required enlarging the original holes, and an additional hole per tuner, which is visible in the pics. The guitar was re-fretted, and the original pickguard was replaced when it warped significantly and consequently broke into several pieces.

While the non-original case is nothing special, it happens to fit perfectly, and will protect the guitar whether in transit or storage.

Price: Sold