1960 Gibson ES-330 (TDC)

1960 Gibson ES-330 (TDC)

1960 Gibson ES-330 (TDC) electric hollowbody guitar. This cherry red dotneck 330, serial/FON number R6780 30, is absolutely incredible. We have owned many vintage guitars in very excellent to near mint all original condition, but it would be difficult to say we’ve seen a 50-year old guitar in better condition. In fact, we would like to put our money where our mouth is, and offer $100 cash to anyone who can supply photos of a nicer one, but we digress. You get the point.

The guitar is amazingly crisp, and still retains a remarkably unfaded cherry red finish. Additionally, the finish does not display weather-checking… not even one small microscopic check. The maple top and back happen to exhibit particularly attractive grain figuring. The plastic parts shine like new, and the Kluson tuning machines look like reissues they are so clean.

This ES-330 is beyond exceptional. It looks like a new guitar made last night. If we dare be hyper-critical, this guitar has 3 total flaws (flaws in the absolute least serious sense.) There is ONE superficial scratch on the back of the body, which is difficult to see and impossible to photograph. The original nickel trapeze tailpiece and ABR-1 bridge exhibit expected oxidation. There is a small ding-sized impression above the logo on the headstock. Otherwise, we can not find any other small flaws. Literally.

The guitar works perfectly and sounds fantastic. To make this guitar even more amazing, it has one of the best necks ever made by Gibson: a thin ’60 profile with factory large frets. Yikes, this thing feels so good, it is almost sacrilegious that there isn’t a ding on it!

The guitar comes with the original brown Lifton case with pink interior. The original case includes the key and the original dealer’s label within.

Price: Sold