1957 National L-6853 (Supro)

1957 National L-6853 (Supro)

100% original 1957 National L-6853 acoustic guitar. During this era, Supro commissioned Gibson to make acoustic guitar bodies while Supro would use their patented bolt-on neck system to attach their own necks. Since this is not a D-sized guitar, it is most likely not a Gibson-made body. Regardless, this is a great vintage USA-made acoustic.

While this particular example exhibits minimal and expected playing wear, it is actually quite well-preserved. Aside from the neck wear, evident in several photos, there are no other significant condition issues, and there are NO cracks, NO breaks and NO repairs.

The guitar is all original, and features; original finish, original black button Kluson tuning machines, original National emblem, original faux tortoise pickguard, original bridge, original strap buttons and original frets. The guitar does not include a case.

The Spruce top’s finish has attractively yellowed and aged, and the Mahogany back/sides with a dark walnut finish back display quintessential weather-checking. The Brazilian rosewood fingerboard is quite thick and very attractive. Both the back and top are void of significant playing wear rashes, and are actually surprisingly clean. There is appropriate fret wear, none of which affects playability.

The neck is perfectly straight, and the neck angle is perfect. The action is really really low, and while it makes it easier to play than most electric guitars, it does give the guitar a compressed low volume nature. This can easily be modified by raising the action through a simple neck adjustment. It happens to sound particularly cool the way it is, much like a Kinks acoustic approach, with a highly focused punch in the mids. The sound is also in part dictated by the ladder-bracing pattern used on this model. The low volume also makes it a great candidate for recording, as well as, a good guitar for a sing-a-long.

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