1957 Gibson J-45

1957 Gibson J-45

100% ALL ORIGINAL 1957 Gibson J-45 acoustic guitar, with the original leather strap and original alligator soft case. This particular example, FON U7629-18 17, is in extremely excellent all original condition with NO cracks, NO breaks, NO repairs and NO issues. This fine example also happens to sound as good as it looks.

This near immaculate example features; a D-sized slope-shouldered body with a bound spruce top and bound mahogany back and sides, an extremely attractive tobacco sunburst finish, a Brazilian rosewood fingerboard with pearl dot inlays, a large profile tortoise-shell material pickguard, single-line Kluson Deluxe tuning machines, an original alligator material soft case and a vintage acoustic guitar strap.

As mentioned above, this guitar is 100% all original: from the bridge pins to the frets, from the tuning machines to the bridge saddle, this unmolested and uncirculated guitar was purchased directly from the family of the original owner. In fact, as evidenced by both the condition and the original fully intact height of the bridge saddle, this guitar was never fully enjoyed and definitely not used much… just look at the case!

All of the bracing is securely fixed within, and the top is perfectly flat with no evidence of bellying whatsoever. The bridge is also perfectly intact and secured. Structurally, the guitar is perfectly solid, and this effortlessly translates through inherently great sound of this instrument.

The original finish has not faded, and it looks highly attractive, with the natural figure of the grain glimmering through the yellow portion of the sunburst with the appearance of mini-flame. There is almost no wear on the entire guitar. Other than a few dings from storage, this guitar is very well preserved and super clean. There is minimal pick wear on the outside of the soundhole, but it too is rather insignificant.

The neck is in very nice condition. The original frets display inevitable, although quite minimal, playing wear. The neck profile style is the quintessential large 50s rounded shape, which is perfect for nearly all types of acoustic playing for hands both small and large. The dimensionality of the neck also highly compliments the natural acoustics and sustain of the guitar. The neck is perfectly straight with an incredibly perfect neck angle. I didn’t have the heart to setup the guitar by sanding down the original saddle, although such would be recommended for a player. The original factory saddle is quite tall, and while the action is correspondingly high, it sounds good the way it is, and isn’t too tough to play. Once again, this could be easily adjusted by either installing a new saddle, or refining the existing one.

The late-50s is considered to be one of the best eras for both electric and acoustic Gibson guitars. With a substantial build quality, yet light and refined, the late-50s Gibson acoustics tend to sound loud and bold, yet defined, balanced and pronounced. With canon-esque qualities, this is the guitar you play for fun and in the studio. The guitar you play on stage (if you so dare) and on the couch.

The original case is quite nice, void of significant damage, odor or structural issues, as is the leather strap. It also enhances this already great package.

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