1954 Fender Dual 8 Double-Neck Lap Steel

1954 Fender Dual 8 Double-Neck Lap Steel

100% original, 1954 Fender Dual 8 Professional double-neck 8-string electric lap steel guitar! This particular example, serial number 2268, is in excellent shape, looks amazing and sounds great. This lap steel includes all (3) original legs and the original tweed case.

This beautiful example features; the original and intact iconic “Butterscoth” creamy yellow finish, (2) Trapezoid pickups, a spaghetti logo “Fender” decal, original cloth-wiring, original Tele dome chrome knobs, a 3-way pickup switch with the original Daka-Ware bakelite switch tip and the original tweed case.

This particularly attractive lap steel’s appearance is enhanced by the thorough weather-checking and subtle patina of the chrome parts. With surprisingly light playing wear, this steel is very well preserved for being over a half-century old.

Both pickups sound great: loud, efficient, and clear, this steel is actually quite awesome. The only issue worth noting, is that one of the leg receptacle screws was replaced with an appropriately-sized, but non-original, slot head screw.

Since Fender is not famous for making the best pedal steels, their lap steels are decidedly more popular and practical, of which, their 8 and 10 string versions are favorites.

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