1951 Gibson J-45

1951 Gibson J-45

100% ALL ORIGINAL 1951 Gibson J-45 acoustic guitar and original alligator soft case. This particular example sounds absolutely incredible. In fact, it is the BEST sounding vintage Gibson flat top I have had the pleasure of owning. It sounds better than my 1935 Gibson Jumbo, better than my “banner” model J-45, etc. It is simply the best.

This particular example, FON 7033 17, is in very nice 100% original vintage condition and includes the original case! This example has been used for many years in my studio, and as previously stated, it has remained the best sounding Gibson flattop acoustic I have ever owned. This example is crack and break free, with enough subtle, yet beautiful, playing wear to enable one to fully enjoy playing it.

The guitar does not have any cracks, breaks, repairs, etc. All of the bracing is securely fixed within, and the top is perfectly flat with no evidence of bellying whatsoever. The bridge is also perfectly intact and secured. Structurally, the guitar is perfectly solid, and this translates through sonics beautifully and highly compliments the inherently great sound.

This Gibson J-45 features an attractive tobacco sunburst finish that has faded over the years. There is considerable pick wear around the sound hole and pickguard. The authentic playing wear is not distracting, and it actually enhances the personality of this superb sounding guitar.

The back of the guitar developed a seam separation several years ago. Since it is not a crack, and didn’t affect sound, I didn’t have my luthier glue the back into place. Also, there was a strap pin added to the back of the neck heel, which was removed, resulting in a small hole. The original black strap pin is missing.

The neck is in very nice condition. The original frets display expected, although minimal, playing wear. The neck profile style is the quintessential large 50′s rounded shape, which is perfect for nearly all types of acoustic playing for hands both small and large. The neck is perfectly straight with an incredibly perfect neck angle.

The original case is quite nice, void of significant damage, odor or structural issues. It also enhances this already great package.

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