1950s Sherwood Deluxe (Kay)

1950s Sherwood Deluxe (Kay)

100% original vintage mid-1950s Sherwood Deluxe acoustic guitar made by Kay. According to several online sources, Sherwood branded instruments were manufactured by the Kay Musical Instrument Company as a house brand for Montgomery Wards. Kay jumbo acoustics made during the 1950s have gained popularity and wide admiration for both a higher production quality than later Kay guitars, as well as being great sounding instruments for the value.

This particular example does not feature a serial number nor model number stamp visible through the sound hole. In fact, there are no markings anywhere within or on the back of the headstock. While it is most like a Kay K27 jumbo acoustic with respect to body size, bracing pattern, inlay pattern, binding fashion, bridge shape, there are several distinctions.

This guitar features; a solid Spruce top like a K-27, but it has mahogany back, sides, & neck, whereas a K-27 has maple instead. The Sherwood has a glued on pickguard, while the K27 is mounted with (3) slot-head screws. The bridges are identical, however, the K27 is of Ebony, while the Sherwood is made of Rosewood.

More features:
-2-piece Spruce top
-Mahogany, back and sides
-3-ply binding on top, back, neck and headstock
-Tortoise-shell laminate headstock veneer
-Single-line Kluson Deluxe tuning machines with pearl buttons.
-Block inlays
-Ebony fingerboard

As can be seen in the numerous high quality photos, this 100% all original guitar is in extremely excellent cosmetic condition with absolutely no issues whatsoever. NO breaks, NO cracks and NO repairs at all, this guitar is clean and pristine. The bridge is extremely solid without evidence of lift, and the top is perfectly flat and not bellying in the slightest.

With respect to tonality, the Mahogany back and sides nicely compliment the 17″ wide Jumbo frame of this Sherwood Deluxe. A K27 tends to be bright and thin, like a J-200, but the darker wood of this guitar produces a more balanced and attractive sound.

The neck is perfectly straight, and the neck angle is decent. It plays fine, but could be exceptional with a neck reset. I have owned and used this guitar as-is for over 6 years, so a neck reset isn’t imperative, although it would probably be recommended by some.

The original Geib soft case is in very excellent condition with all latches, leather hinges and the original handle.

Price: Sold